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New endowment fund supports crime victims

“We are honored and grateful that the giving spirit of Jim Acheson continues through the James. C Acheson Donor Advised Fund at the Foundation and has provided P.S. You’re My Hero with a grant to begin an endowment. This investment will truly help us to grow and sustain long-term support for victims of crime in St. Clair County,” said P.S. You’re My Hero Board President Beth Diehl.
“Establishing an endowment at some point was in our plans, but it seemed out of reach for the near future. This generous gift made it happen.”

A $25,000 donation from the James C. Acheson Donor Advised Fund officially launched the fund in January and will provide a strong base to build the future of the nonprofit.
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Race down the Blue Water River Walk...

Race down the Blue Water River Walk with P.S. You're My Hero's annual 5K, 2-mile walk
-McKenna Golat
Port Huron Times Herald, September 13, 2023

Lace up your running shoes for the ninth annual P.S. You're My Hero 5K and 2-mile walk.
The event will start at 9 a.m. on Sunday with participants lining up in front of the YMCA of the Blue Water Area, located at 1525 Third St., Port Huron. The event is the annual fundraiser for P.S. You're My Hero, a local nonprofit that supports victims of crimes in St. Clair County. The organization's founder, Mara McCalmon, said the run-walk helps the organization get funding to continue to support victims.
"This is our largest fundraiser, and we get the most resources from this to help others," she said.
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Here's how you can support St. Clair County crime victims

Here's how you can support St. Clair County crime victims
-Laura Fitzgerald
Port Huron Times Herald, August 14, 2022

When P.S. You're My Hero founder Mara McCalmon endured criminal proceedings in the year following her husband's murder in 2010, there were few resources or crime victims like her.
Now, the St. Clair County Victim's Rights Office offers a comfort room, refreshments, financial support and a therapy dog, all funded through P.S. You're My Hero.
Residents have the chance to support crime victims through the nonprofit's annual 5K Run/2 Mile Walk, set for 9 a.m. Sept. 18 in front of the YMCA of the Blue Water Area.
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You're My Hero 5K Run/2 Mile Walk

Metro Detroit woman who survived family tragedy honors late husband with annual P.S. You're My Hero 5K Run/2 Mile Walk

-WXYZ Interview November. 3, 2019

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, Mich. (WXYZ) — It's been almost nine years since Mara McCalmon survived an unthinkable tragedy. Two masked men got into the Yale home she shared with her late husband Paul, and stabbed them both more than 26 times.
Paul Skinner managed to chase the men away, but died moments later. McCalmon says he died saving her life.
After years of being in court and news coverage, she decided she wanted to do something to put the focus more on the victims of crime.
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P.S. You're My Hero Run/Walk 2018

P.S. You’re My Hero is the 4th Annual 5k Run and 2 mile Walk on Sunday, November 11th..that honors Paul Skinner, who lost his life, saving his wife during the commission of a vicious crime against them.  All proceeds will go toward resources to help victims of crime in St. Clair County.  Sign up by October 30th for to guarantee a shirt.  Register is at 7:30 – race starts at 9 a.m.  Sign up at Road Runner Timing dot com or PS You’re My Hero dot org.  With funds raised, they have been able to offset the cost of putting on the run/walk and raising over $30,000 which has gone to caring for victims of crime in St. Clair County.  PS You’re My Hero is the only 501 3c in St. Clair County that completely focuses on victims of crime that have found themselves in difficult times. 
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Mara McCalmon – P.S. You're My Hero

Mara McCalmon explains what PS You’re My Hero is all about and talks about a upcoming fundraiser that you can help continue their mission.

-ebwtv October 22, 2018

The Annual P.S. You're My Hero 5K Run / 2 Mile Walk a non-profit 5013C that focuses on victims who go through the St. Clair County Courthouse. We provide services to them and work to provide opportunities for them to heal. 
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Dozens Participate In Annual 5K Run / 2 Mile Walk

We had an opportunity to speak with Mara recently about how moving on has been and one of the things that you're doing is a walk run. It's five years the family who was behind me and my children decided it's time to honor Paul and we came up with this idea with the help of the victims rights office in St. Clair County to have a walk and a run so that everybody can participate. That not only honors Paul but all the heroes in our lives… our moms are dads are brothers and sisters the police the EMTs the doctors… there are so many heroes.

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Become A Sponsor & Support A Great Cause...


"I've had the honor and pleasure of volunteering at several of P.S. You're My Hero's events. The entire organization consists of honest, caring and sincere individuals who are looking to make a positive impact."

- Neal M.


"I just wanted to say thank you to P.S. You're My Hero for all of your help and support. Your organization has been a blessing to my family and the community we live in."

- Samantha P.